Conference participants submitted over 125 background documents for the conference. They represent a rich diversity of perspectives and source materials.

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  A Constitution for the Disabled or a Disabled Constitution?Jonathan PenneyGregor Wolbring
  A Less Valued Life:Population Policy and Sex Selection in IndiaRupsa MallikRupsa Mallik
  A Retrospective of "Harvard Case"Lei XiongLei Xiong
  A UK Biobank: Good for Public Health?Helen WallaceHelen Wallace
  Acceso a los recursos de la biodiversidad y pueblos indigenasLorenzo Muelas HurtadoBeth Burrows
  Access to the Resources of Biodiversity and Indigenous PeoplesLorenzo Muelas HurtadoBeth Burrows
  Anhui Farmers Still Questioning Harvard ProjectsLei XiongLei Xiong
  Argentina's GM Woes Mae-Wan Ho and Lilian JoensenChee Yoke Ling
  Aspectos relativos a la formación de una Red Internacional de Género , Nuevas Tecnologías Reproductivas y Genéticas y Responsabilidad ÉticaAlejandra RotaniaMarcy Darnovsky
  Aspects relating to the formation of an International Network on Gender, New Genetic and Reproductive Technologies, and Responsible EthicsAlejandra RotaniaMarcy Darnovsky
  Attempt to Discredit Adult Stem CellsJoe and Mae-Wan Ho CumminsChee Yoke Ling
  Beware the Brave New World of the NBIC Hive MindTremane BarrTremane Barr
  BioethicsSigrid GraumannSigrid Graumann
  Bioethics and Disability: an human right issueGiampiero GriffoGiampiero Griffo
  Biomedicine and international human rights law: in search of a global consensusRoberto AndornoRoberto Andorno
  Biopiracy or Bioprivateering?Richard StallmanAndreas Poltermann
  BiopoliticsSigrid GraumannSigrid Graumann
  CHALLENGES OF NEW HUMAN GENETIC TECHNOLOGIES: The current situation of AfricaRené M. SEGBENOURené M. Segbenou
  Ciencia, tecnología y la DED (discapacidad, enfermedad, defecto), Gregor WolbringGregor Wolbring
  Clonacion Humana: Una lucha contra el TiempoRosario IsasiRosario Isasi
  Cloning? Yuk!David KingDavid King
  Commentary: Why It Is Wrong To Select Embryos To Be Tissue DonorsDavid KingDavid King
  Commodification and Market-driven Biomedical ResearchChee-Khoon ChanChee-Khoon Chan
  Conquest by PatentsBeth BurrowsBeth Burrows
  Controlling the "Other": Militarization and BioengineeringAdina AviramAdina Aviram
  Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance: Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information Technology and Cognitive Scienceworkshop held by the National Science Foundation and the Dept. of Commerce (USA)Gregor Wolbring
  Deceptive Promises of Cures For DiseaseSarah SextonSarah Sexton
  Die „Differenz als Chance“ braucht das „Recht auf den Zufall“Michael WunderMichael Wunder
  Disabled people response to Report of the IBC on Pre-implantation Diagnostic and Germ-line InterventionDisabled People InternationalGregor Wolbring
  Disabled Womem: An excluded agenda of Indian Feminismanita ghaiAnita Ghai
  DNA, Capitalism and ProgressDavid KingDavid King
  DPI Bioethics resolutions from the 6th World Assembly Oct. 2002, Sapporo, Japan Disabled People InternationalGregor Wolbring
  DPI-Europe Statement on GeneticsDPI EuropeBill Albert
  Environmental Effects of Genetically Engineered Vaccines?Terje TraavikChee Yoke Ling
  Ethics or Economics? Public Health or Private Wealth?Sarah SextonSarah Sexton
  EugenicsSigrid GraumannSigrid Graumann
  Exceeding the limits of human natureAndreas PoltermannAndreas Poltermann
  Expert opinion for the Study Commission on the Law and Ethics of Modern Medicine of the German Bundestag Title Consequences of the application of genetic diagnostics for disabled people (German)Gregor WolbringGregor Wolbring
  GE Free NZ Inc. Submission on the Supplementary Order Paper on the Human Assisted Reproductive Technology Bill (part 1)GE Free New ZealandTremane Barr
  GE Free NZ Inc. Submission on the Supplementary Order Paper on the Human Assisted Reproductive Technology Bill (part 2, appendices)GE Free New ZealandTremane Barr
  GE Free NZ Inc. Submission on the Supplementary Order Paper on the Human Assisted Reproductive Technology Bill (part 3, appendix 8)GE Free New ZealandTremane Barr
  Genes of a Nation: The Selling of Iceland´s GenesSigridur ThorgeirsdottirJesse Reynolds
  Genetic Information and Biological WeaponsGeneWatch UKHelen Wallace
  Genetic Testing in Insurance and Employment: A New Form of DiscriminationHelen WallaceHelen Wallace
  Genetic Testing in the Work PlaceKristina StaleyHelen Wallace
  Genetically modified humans: for what and for whom?Mae-Wan Ho & Joe CumminsLim Li Ching
  Genetics and 'Predictive Medicine': Selling Pills Ignoring CausesHelen WallaceHelen Wallace
  Genetics and Society in Eastern EuropeEmilia IanevaEmilia Ianeva
  Genetics, Normalcy and DisabilityRoxanne MykitiukRoxanne Mykitiuk
  Genomics, Health, and SocietyChee-Khoon ChanChee-Khoon Chan
  Giving Your Genes to Biobank UK: Questions to AskKristina StaleyHelen Wallace
  Human Bio-Collections: Who Benefits from Gene Banking?GeneWatch UKHelen Wallace
  Human Biotechnology: Responding to Emerging Dangerous New Human GeneticsJesse ReynoldsJesse Reynolds
  Human Cloning: A Choice Or An Echo?George AnnasRosario Isasi
  human dignitySigrid GraumannSigrid Graumann
  Human Dignity in the Context of BioethicsDietmar MiethDietmar Mieth
  Human Gene Therapy: A Cure for All Ills?GeneWatch UKHelen Wallace
  Human Genome: Social and Ethical implicationsHamid AhmedHamid Ahmed
  Im Zweifel für das Leben? Zur aktuellen Debatte um die SterbehilfeMichael WunderMichael Wunder
  India - Recent Developments Affecting Women's Reproductive RightsRupsa MallikRupsa Mallik
  Institutional IndecencyLei XiongLei Xiong
  Investigation Covers Research Fraud Lei XiongLei Xiong
  La perspectiva de los derechos humanosRosario IsasiRosario Isasi
  Liberal, Progressive and Pro-Choice Voices Against the New EugenicsCenter for Genetics and SocietyRichard Hayes
  Memo: "The potential for an international network on women and reproductive / genetic"multiple authorsMarcy Darnovsky
  Mit Kant aus der Sackgasse? - Report on the conference in Sueddeutsche Zeitung (in German)Alexander KisslerStephan Ertner
  National Policies on Human Genetic Modification: A Preliminary SurveyCenter for Genetics and SocietyRichard Hayes
  NBIC,NGO's society and three types of disabled peopleofficial backgroundpaper reflecting many thoughts I will mention at the Strategy and Action PanelGregor Wolbring
  New Contraceptive and Genetic Reproductive Technologies: Challenges, Limits and Perspectives of Thought and ActionAlejandra RotaniaAlejandra Rotania
  New Reproductive and Genetic Technologies: International versus National Campaign IssuesSarah SextonSarah Sexton
  New Reproductive and Genetic Technologies: International versus National Campaign IssuesSarah SextonSarah Sexton
  New Reproductive and Genetic Technologies: International versus National Campaign IssuesSarah SextonSarah Sexton
  Nuevas Tecnologías Reproductivas Conceptivas y Genéticas: Retos, Límites y Perspectivas del Pensamiento y la AcciónAlejandra RotaniaAlejandra Rotania
  Old and New Eugenics: Getting Rid of Other PeopleBeth BurrowsBeth Burrows
  Patenting Genes: Stifling Research and Jeopardising HealthcareEconexus and GeneWatch UKHelen Wallace
  Patents and genes - some ethical considerationsFlorianne KoechlinFlorianne Koechlin
  PGDSigrid GraumannSigrid Graumann
  Pharmacogenetics: Better, safer medicines?Helen WallaceHelen Wallace
  Policy Statement if: The right to be differentIFPierre Mertens
  Population-Based Large Scale Collections of DNA Samples and Databases of Genetic InformationBioethics Advisory Committee Israel Academy of SciencesCarmel Shalev
  Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis and Selection: From Disease Prevention to Customized ConceptionTania SimoncelliMarcy Darnovsky
  Preliminary Report Bioethics in South AfricaStefan CramerStephan Ertner
  Privatising Knowledge Patenting Genes; The Race to Control Genetic InformationGeneWatch UKHelen Wallace
  Protecting the Endangered Human: Toward an International Treaty Prohibiting Cloning and Inheritable AlterationsRosario IsasiRosario Isasi
  Report of the IBC on Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis and Germ-Line Intervention SHS-EST/02/CIB-9/2 (Rev. 3) UNESCO's International Bioethics Committee (see also DPI's response to this document) Gregor Wolbring
  Reproductive Cloning: A Human Rights FrameworkCarmel ShalevCarmel Shalev
  Research subjects' right to know must be respected (China Daily 10/22/2003)Lei XiongStephan Ertner
  Resolution on Pre Natal Diagnosis and the Right to Be DifferentEDF IFPierre Mertens
  Response to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority on the Consultation on Preimplantation Genetic DiagnosisHuman Genetics Commission UKBill Albert
  Science and the DisadvantagedGregor WolbringGregor Wolbring
  Sex Selection Moves to Consumer Culture: Ads for “Family Balancing” in the New York TimesMarcy DarnovskyMarcy Darnovsky
  Sex Selection: A Gender Based Preference for a PregnancyRupsa MallikRupsa Mallik
  Sex Selection: A Gender-based Preference for a PregnancyRupsa MallikRupsa Mallik
  Sloterdijk-debateSigrid GraumannSigrid Graumann
  Standing at the Crossroads of Genetic Testing: New Eugenics, Disability Consciousness, and Women’s WorkRayna Rapp and Faye GinsburgJulie Hyman
  Summary Report: HUMAN GENETICS: CIVIL SOCIETY INVOLVEMENT WORKSHOPHeinrich Boell Foundation South AfricaStephan Ertner
  Technicalisation of human procreation and social living conditionsRegine KollekRegine Kollek
  The Big Down: Atomtech - Technologies Converging at the Nano-scaleETC-group formerly RAFIGregor Wolbring
  The Construction of Disability and Risk in Genetic Counselling DiscourseThe Roeher InstituteRoxanne Mykitiuk
  The corporate construction of disease: the pharmaceutical industry and disease-mongeringRay Moynihan, Iona Heath and David HenryChee Yoke Ling
  The Debate on Medical Ethics and Research in Germany 50 Years after NurembergMichael WunderMichael Wunder
  The Far Right, Reproductive Rights, and U.S. International Assistance: The Untold Story Behind the HeadlinesJodi L. Jacobson Rupsa Mallik
  The Gender of Genetic Futures: The Canadian Biotechnology Strategy, Women and HealthProceedings of a National Strategic WorkshopRoxanne Mykitiuk
  The Genome as CommonsTom Athanasiou and Marcy Darnovsky Marcy Darnovsky
  The human – a battelfieldErika FeyerabendStephan Ertner
  The human – a battlefieldErika FeyerabendErika Feyerabend
  The Man On The Moon, Immortality, And Other Millennial Myths: The Prospects And Perils Of Human Genetic EngineeringGeorge AnnasRosario Isasi
  The New Genetics and Disabled PeopleBritish Council of Disabled People BCODPBill Albert
  The New Genetics in the Post-Keynesian StateRoxanne MykitiukRoxanne Mykitiuk
  The New Human Genetic Technologies: A Threshold Challenge for HumanityRichard HayesRichard Hayes
  The re-emergence of infectious diseases on the public health agendaRichard LevinsChee Yoke Ling
  the right to be different, prenatal diagnosis and termination of pregnancy Pierre MertensPierre Mertens
  The Right to Live and be DifferentDisabled People International EuropeGregor Wolbring
  The role of women in biomedical researchSigrid GraumannSigrid Graumann
  The Silenced Target Gregor WolbringGregor Wolbring
  The Use of Embryonic Stem Cells for Therapeutic ResearchBioethics Advisory Committee Israel Academy of SciencesCarmel Shalev
  Weighing and Balancing the Values of a Jewish DemocracyCarmel ShalevCarmel Shalev
  What Rights Should the Treaty Contain? Quinn G., Jiménez R., Cisterna M., and Rioux M.Gregor Wolbring
  Why biotech patents are patently absurd - Scientific briefing on TRIPS and related issuesMae-Wan HoLim Li Ching
  World Genomics and World Health Organisation, June 2001: People's Health Assembly's positionGilles de WildtGilles de Wildt